Tattoo Aftercare

Following the proper aftercare procedures is a critical part of the health and life of your new tattoo. Your new tattoo is an open wound, and is extremely susceptible to all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and diseases.
H2Ocean produces industry specific products that specially cater to each stage of your tattoo aftercare regiment and beyond. These products were created to ensure you the life and longevity of each new tattoo.
The care and future of your tattoo is all up to you and how you care for it. Start off the right way, start off with the #1 in Tattoo Aftercare.

Tattoo Aftercare Tips and Protocol

We feel it is important to offer a choice, and trust that you will work with your Tattoo or Piercing artist to establish an Aftercare Regimen that is right for you.

NOTHING Pain Relieving Foam Soap W/Lidocaine

H2Ocean’s NOTHING soap with Lidocaine is formulated to effectively clean and relieve pain during the tattooing process. NOTHING’s added pain relieving ingredient Lidocaine allows the client to experience a more comfortable and less painful tattoo session. Simply wash the skin as you normally would during the tattoo process and see the results. By offering NOTHING in your studio, you will help reduce pain and anxiety for your clients which means you can focus on your art!

ULTIMATE TATTOO CARE 3 Step Tattoo Aftercare Kit

The Ultimate Tattoo Care aftercare kit is essential for all healing stages of your new tattoo and can be used after healing on existing tattoos. This kit is designed to cleanse your tattoo while providing nourishment and moisture to your skin. This one of a kind all natural water based aftercare system will keep your new tattoo bright and beautiful for many years to come. The Ultimate Tattoo Care aftercare kit provides you with a 3 step safe, unscented, and revitalizing skin care regiment that is made for the industry by the industry.

EXTREME TATTOO CARE 3 Step Tattoo Aftercare Kit

The Extreme Tattoo Care aftercare kit is a safe and natural 3 step care regiment for your new tattoo. Using H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Care‘s unique water based care system on your new tattoo will cleanse, moisturize, and lock in the ink keeping it looking fresh for years to come.

Inside the Extreme Tattoo Care box you get H2Ocean’s Blue Green Foam Soap, Ocean Care moisturizing cream, and Aquatat Tattoo Ointment.

All H2Ocean Tattoo Aftercare products are unscented.

Sea Life™ SPF 45 Sunscreen

H2Ocean’s Sea Life is designed to protect your skin, face, and body art from the damaging sun rays and keep your skin looking healthy.

H2Ocean’s Sea Life sunscreen is the newest addition to the H2Ocean product line. This SPF 45 sunscreen is designed to effectively protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Sea Life is formulated with your skins best interest in mind. Unlock the Secrets of the Sea!

Aquatat™ Tattoo Ointment

H2Ocean’s Aquatat is the first ointment created to effectively protect your tattoo with its pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Aquatat is FDA approved as well as being dermatologist recommended! Specifically made for the industry, this ointment serves to promote skin health with its high antioxidant content while improving your skins natural nutrient absorption. Fragrance free and made with sensitive skin in mind, Aquatat eliminated the mineral oil commonly found in other ointments and replaced it with palm oil for its non-clogging, rejuvenating properties.

Blue Green Foam Soap™ Moisturizing Antimicrobial Soap

Blue Green Foam Soap was specifically created to gently wash and disinfect your new tattoo while keeping your colors safe and vibrant from day one. FDA Approved Blue Green Foam Soap is enriched with soothing aloe vera and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. This all natural anti-microbial soap is not harsh like most other anti-bacterial soaps and it effectively stops the onset of excessive drying and scabbing. Use it as a wash while getting tattooed to prevent inflammation and throughout your entire healing process for best results.

Ocean Care™ Tattoo Moisturizing Cream

Ocean Care Cream is designed to nourish, revitalize, and protect your new tattoo. This moisturizing cream is enriched with USP grade ingredients and 82 essential trace elements and minerals that keep your tattoo healthy and moisturized with each application. Ocean Care Cream does not sit on the skin, nor does it smudge or stick to your clothes. It will keep your tattoo hydrated while reducing scabbing and helps to preserve the appearance and quality of your new tattoo.

Ocean Foam™ Tattoo Moisturizing Foam

Ocean Foam is the first all natural skin moisturizing foam that is designed for the tattoo community. H2Oceans Ocean Foam acts as a natural liquid bandage that moisturizes your tattoo while locking in color. This foam barrier stops the infiltration/penetration of airborne pathogens with its high quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Ocean Foam, used secondary to directions, minimizes scabbing and infuses your skin with necessary vitamins and minerals to soothe your skin while creating the optimal healing environment for your new tattoo.

TAT2RENU Daily Ink Sealer

ORDER ONLINE NEWEST PRODUCT!!! TAT2RENU is designed to nourish, revitalize, and protect your new tattoo. This moisturizing foam is enriched with USP grade ingredients that keep your tattoo healthy and moisturized with each application. It keeps your tattoo hydrated andaaa