Unrefined Sea Salt

Sea Salt Sodium-MoleculeSalt is essential for all life, just like air and water. The mineral content of seawater is extremely close to that of human bodily fluids, such as extracellular fluid and amniotic
fluid. Sea salt contains over 82 trace elements and minerals that are essential to keeping the cells in your body healthy. H2Ocean’s patented products contain the most
naturally derived sea salt. Saline solutions and similar products use sodium chloride instead of sea salt. Sodium chloride (table salt) is mined from dirt or concrete basins.  It then goes through refining processes to make a white crystallized molecular structure depleted of all essential minerals.

Unrefined sea salt supplies over 82 vital trace minerals, thereby promoting optimum biological function and cellular maintenance.

Here is a partial list of the minerals found in unrefined salt and their function in human metabolism:
Sodium: Essential to digestion and metabolism. regulates body fluids, nerve and muscular functions.
Calcium: Needed for bone mineralization.
Magnesium: Dissipates sodium excess, forms and hardens bones, ensures mental development and sharpens intelligence. Promotes assimilation of carbohydrates,
assures metabolism of vitamin C and calcium, retards the aging process and dissolves kidney stones.
Sulfur: Controls energy transfer in tissue, bone and cartilage cells. Essential for protein compounds.
Iodine: vital for energy production and mental development. Ensures production of thyroid hormones. Needed for strong auto-defense mechanism (lymphatic system).
Bromine: In magnesium bromide form, a nervous system regulator and restorer. vital for pituitary hormonal function.
Phosphorus: Essential for biochemical synthesis and nerve cell functions related to the brain. Constituent of phosphoproteins, nucleoproteins and phospholipids.
Vanadium: Of greater value for tooth bone calcification than fluoride. Tones cardiac and nervous systems, reduces cholesterol, regulates phospholipids in blood, and is a
catalyst for the oxidation of many biological substances.

H2Ocean’s use of sea salt enhances the benefits of our products and sets us apart from other aftercare.

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