Taking Care of your New Tattoo – Your First Tattoo Part 8

taking care of your new tattoo

You now have the finished product, which is really a large open wound that needs to be cared for, protected from infection and nurtured back to health and lasting beauty. Many a shop will suggest A&D or Aquaphor to heal a tattoo from the time you leave the shop through the following two days, while washing it 2-3 times a day with an off the shelf anti-bacterial soap. Continue reading

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Getting your first Tattoo – Your First Tattoo Part 7

Getting your first Tattoo

It’s your first tattoo. If you are scared, just know that we all were. It is a feeling of the unknown and for humans, the unknown can be scary. Some tattoos will sting, some will tickle, others will hurt a little, and then there are some that will hurt a lot. But we survive and keep coming back for more, and more, and more! There is a certain love and sense of accomplishment when a tattoo is completed. Continue reading

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