Will getting a tattoo Hurt? – Your First Tattoo Part 5

Your First Tattoo - Will it Hurt?

Now remember, cost is not all about the shop, it is also largely based on where on the body the tattoo is to be placed. As you will grow to know, some places are more sensitive or more painful than others. This means the tattoo may take longer because of twitching, irritation, and possible squirming. The hot spots for highest sensitivity are the ribs, feet, shins, groin, neck, and the middle of the spine. Generally, the places with closely surfacing bones, tendons, and ligaments are the most sensitive. So just know that a tattoo on the arm will not be the same cost as a tattoo on the ribs. Also, areas with a high density of nerve endings will surely be more sensitive, which are the areas of closely surfacing bones. Not to our surprise research has shown that women have a higher pain tolerance than men. Most studies point this fact to women having the ability to withstand the pain of child birth. Men may be stronger but women can take more of a beating in the tattoo chair. Many relate tattoo pain as slapping a sunburn, the dull pain of a bee-sting, or slapping a rubber band on your skin.

Some people think that drinking before getting a tattoo will give them “liquid courage” or keep the pain from being noticed. These both may be true but NEVER drink alcohol before getting a tattoo because when you drink you are actually thinning out your blood which will make the working surface of your tattoo much, much more bloody and harder to work on for the artist. The blood will push more ink out than anything and you will end up having to go back for a touch up very soon. A good shop will not let you get tattooed after you have been drinking. Another blood thinner is Aspirin and the like, so stay away from those products as well. If you need to, you can always break one session up into multiple sessions and just work on small amounts of the tattoo at a time if that helps you with any over drawn discomfort.

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